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About Us

This section of our site contains information about SENDPO's history, its values, aims and objectives, and who's who in SENDPO.  It also contains information on SENDPO's different categories of membership and how you can join and begin to receive the benefits of being part of a network of Disabled People's Organisations across the South-East of England.


User-led Organisation (ULO)

A ULO can exist for any group of users of any service or organisation.  The Department of Health’s User-led Organisations Project defined a ULO as an organisation that “covers all local disabled people, carers and other people who use support either directly or via establishing links with other local organisations and networks”.  SENDPO respects the right of carers and users of other services to have their own agenda, and very often there will be common ground between disabled people and other groups.

Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO)

A DPO is a specific type of a ULO, where disabled people control the organisation by being in the majority in the membership and on the governance board.  DPOs include organisations who are CILs (Centres for Independent Living), that commonly provide services to support Independent Living, and Coalitions of Disabled People that are sometimes umbrella organisations representing the voice of disabled people by promoting their involvement in co-production.