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Extra Costs for Disabled People

The Extra Costs Commission, aided by Scope, is investigating the extra costs that disabled people face just for accessing the same opportunities to live, learn and work that non-disabled people have and on March 5 published their interim report. One of the key findings was that three quarters of disabled people and their families have felt badly treated because of their disability when using services. Evidence shows that disabled people tend not to return to businesses that have let them down. The Commission stated: “We believe it is time disabled consumers had a stronger, more effective voice. We want your views on how that could best be achieved.” The Extra Costs Commission is a year-long, independent project which is aided by Scope and aims to promote a better understanding of why disabled people face extra costs that exist within society. In June final recommendations will be developed for businesses, government and disabled people on how to drive these costs down. The report is designed to act as a consultation exercise and the commission would be interested to hear your thoughts on the interim report and extra costs you face. You can respond to this call for evidence until 15 April by emailing: You can also read the interim report here:

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