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Findings From Hampshire Cuts Campaign

This is a summary report of the findings of a piece of research carried out by Spectrum Centre for Independent Living (SCIL), one of SENDPO's members, into the impact of cuts to welfare benefits and care support experienced by disabled people.  The introduction says:

"We know that cuts to benefits and care and support are having a detrimental impact on the lives of Disabled People and other groups affected. But, public awareness of the scale of the problem and what it really means for people’s day-to-day lives is fairly low. There is also an added problem that what media debate there is has often been distorted by an unhelpful and misleading presentation of deserving vs undeserving benefit claims. Too often this portrays Disabled People as ‘scroungers’ – which is both completely inaccurate and grossly unfair.

We want to raise awareness of the real impact of the cuts in Hampshire and Southampton and try to influence a more realistic tone to the political and media debates.

Most importantly, they want to engage with local politicians to help them understand the impact on people in their local communities and inform their deliberations about the future direction of austerity measures - both at Westminster and in local Government.

We hope to influence decision making over the future of welfare reform in ways that will reduce the negative impact on Disabled People."