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Member Meetings


SENDPO holds member meetings at least every three months in different parts of the South-East region of England.  We recognise that not everyone will be able to attend every meeting, so holding meetings in different locations enables members in particular areas to attend the meeting that is nearest to them and to meet other members from across the region.  Each meeting normally includes a discussion session on a particular topic relevant to DPOs.  They also provide a valuable opportunity for members to hear about SENDPO’s work and for everyone to hear about the work of our members from around the region and the issues that are affecting them as DPOs.

This page contains a summary of the topics discussed at each of our meetings.  SENDPO members will soon be able to download the minutes of our member meetings from the Resources page of this website.

Since the network was set up in 2011, member meetings have included presentations and discussions on:

  • How DPOs can make the most of social media in their work - presented by Joanna Matthews from Oxfordshire Unlimited
  • The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Pathfinder Programme -presented by Andrew Tyson from IN Control
  • The personal Choice Plus project taking place in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove and West Sussex - presented by Katie Love from the South-East Well-being Consortium
  • SENDPO's commissioning and procurement project - presented by Sian Williams, SENDPO's Project Officer
  • Personal Health Budgets work in West Sussex - presented by Catherine Beard from Independent Living Association

To help us decide on future discussion topics for future meetings we want our members to tell us about the issues that they face as DPOs and that they would benefit from sharing together.