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SENDPO's Disability Manifesto

There are more than 12 million Disabled People and people with long-term health conditions in the UK – a very sizeable part of the electorate in 2015.

We believe it is essential for Disabled People’s voices to be heard in the debates around the 2015 General Election – not only because they represent a large number of votes but, more importantly, because they are deeply affected by so many of the key issues at the heart of political debate.

Disabled People have a valuable contribution to make, not only to the democratic process, but also to the UK’s social and economic well-being. Yet, far too often our voice is marginalised or ignored altogether. This is thoroughly undemocratic – and is simply not acceptable.

The ‘Disability Manifesto’ has been produced by the South East Network of Disabled People’s Organisations (SENDPO) – a coalition of over 30 Organisations run and controlled by Disabled People from across the Region. It sets out what we – as Disabled People, citizens and voters – believe to be the key issues in the 2015 General Election and what commitments we would like to see from our Political Parties.