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Disability Research

This page contains reports on findings from research into issues affecting the lives of disabled people.

Mapping Disability: The Facts

This publication has been produced by Sport England.

Mapping Disability: the facts has been created to give an overview of disability within the population. Its purpose is to inform and direct strategy and delivery, improving choice and opportunity for disabled people to regularly take part in sport.

Briefing on the EU Referendum and Disabled People

The focus of the debate on the EU referendum until now has been mainly on the economy, trade agreements, employment, legal issues and immigration. There has been hardly any key media coverage on Disabled People and their livelihood within or without the EU, except an article by Richard Howitt MEP in the Guardian.

This briefing paper, written by Spectrum Centre for Independent Living, makes clear some key issues and benefits for Disabled People by remaining in the EU. Both a Microsoft Word and a plain text version can be downloaded by visiting the links below.

X-Card Project Report

In 2014 the Disability Action Alliance (DAA) began a project that looked at the possibility of developing a card that could support disabled people to live more independent lives. The project was called the ‘X’-card project.

Peer Support: What Is It and Does It Work?

Peer support has great potential to boost person centred care and is greatly valued by people who take part in it says Nesta and National Voices as they launch the review Peer Support: What Is It and Does It Work?

Research into Local Authority Support for People Who Employ Personal Assistants

Completed by Skills for Care, in partnership with Learn to Care and supported by ADASS, this research collates information received from 100 local authorities in England and information provided by a number of user-led organisations (ULOs).

This research highlights the support available to individual employers and PAs in England and identifies the importance of partnership work between local authorities, ULOs, health and other support organisations.

Extra Costs for Disabled People

The Extra Costs Commission, aided by Scope, is investigating the extra costs that disabled people face just for accessing the same opportunities to live, learn and work that non-disabled people have and on March 5 published their interim report. One of the key findings was that three quarters of disabled people and their families have felt badly treated because of their disability when using services. Evidence shows that disabled people tend not to return to businesses that have let them down.

Findings From Hampshire Cuts Campaign

This is a summary report of the findings of a piece of research carried out by Spectrum Centre for Independent Living (SCIL), one of SENDPO's members, into the impact of cuts to welfare benefits and care support experienced by disabled people.  The introduction says:

EHRC - Research report - Crime and Disabled People Baseline Statistics

This Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)  report presents the analysis of crime surveys in England, Wales and Scotland, focusing on disability-related crime and crime experienced by disabled people


The report sets out data on the following six measures, primarily in relation to disabled people:

• Number of victims of hate crimes

• Proportion of disability-related crime incidents reported to the police

• Reasons why the police did not come to know about the matter

• Satisfaction with police handling of crime incidents

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