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Health and Social Care

Briefing on the EU Referendum and Disabled People

The focus of the debate on the EU referendum until now has been mainly on the economy, trade agreements, employment, legal issues and immigration. There has been hardly any key media coverage on Disabled People and their livelihood within or without the EU, except an article by Richard Howitt MEP in the Guardian.

This briefing paper, written by Spectrum Centre for Independent Living, makes clear some key issues and benefits for Disabled People by remaining in the EU. Both a Microsoft Word and a plain text version can be downloaded by visiting the links below.

Delivering peer-led information, advice and advocacy in light of the Care Act

This one-day conference was organised by the South East Network of Disabled People's Organisations  (SENDPO), in partnership with Hampshire County Council.  The conference provided delegates with opportunities to:

Peer Support: What Is It and Does It Work?

Peer support has great potential to boost person centred care and is greatly valued by people who take part in it says Nesta and National Voices as they launch the review Peer Support: What Is It and Does It Work?

Report: Work Capability Assessment is failing

The Work Capability Assessment, which assesses claimants’ eligibility for Employment and Support Allowance, is seen to be failing according to a new report published by Demos, a leading cross-party think tank.

According to the report, the current Work Capability Assessment does not effectively assess claimants’ capability to work, using a points based system without considering whether there are jobs that the claimant could realistically do.

Research into Local Authority Support for People Who Employ Personal Assistants

Completed by Skills for Care, in partnership with Learn to Care and supported by ADASS, this research collates information received from 100 local authorities in England and information provided by a number of user-led organisations (ULOs).

This research highlights the support available to individual employers and PAs in England and identifies the importance of partnership work between local authorities, ULOs, health and other support organisations.

Violence and abuse of personal assistants

Skills for Care has undertaken work to review recent research, key policy and guidance of relevance to PAs concerned with abuse and violence; and to investigate whether or not workplace violence is an issue for personal assistants; and if it is, what are the main issues facing this group. After reviewing the literature, relevant legislation and guidance, an on-line survey of local authority workforce leads, members of the PA Framework Steering Group, PA agencies and PAs was conducted, followed by interviews with a cross-section of PAs and other stakeholders.

Relocation, Portability and Social Care Practice - moving to a new local authority with your social care package.

A report detailing the key findings of the research carried out by the University of Hull between 2012 and 2014 exploring the experiences of people who have received social care and moved to a new local authority and a report providing information based on the research can be viewed on

Or can be found in PDF format below

TLAP launches new guide to help councils

A new Guide recently published will help councils meet the April 2015 deadline to improve the information about support services available in their local communities - a requirement under the new Care Act.

Information, Advice & Brokerage: Shaping the Future, Gearing Up & Seeing the Benefits shows councils how to improve the way people find out about care services and get the best in place to meet their needs.

Be Ready For It - A toolkit to support someone making end of life decisions.

A toolkit to support someone making end of life decisions.

Click on the link below to download the toolkit free of charge.


Click here for further information.

Link Up Toolkit

The Link Up initiative brings together individuals who directly employ their own care and support staff and larger employers who provide care services to see if they can work together to build mutually beneficial relationships.


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