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Commissioning DPOs in the South-East

"Confident Commissioning: Building Relationships Between Local Authorities and Disabled People's User-Led Organisations" was funded by the Office for Disability Issues' Strengthening Disabled people's User-Led Organisations programme.  this is one of SENDPO’s first projects since it was set up in 2011.  The project began in January 2013 and has now been completed.  Its aim was to highlight the unique selling points and added value of disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) delivering services for disabled people, and to increase awareness among local authority commissioners of the different methods and approaches available for them to translate their commissioning intentions into user-led service delivery.  It is hoped that this will, in turn, lead to the wider development of sustainable DPOs and that local authorities will experience improved performance and practice in relation to user involvement, diversity and personalisation.The toolkit was launched on Friday, 18 July 2014 at the ODI's offices in Caxton House, London.  It is available in PDF format on memory stick from SENDPO, and will soon be available for download on the Resources page of this website.