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Delivering peer-led information, advice and advocacy in light of the Care Act

This one-day conference was organised by the South East Network of Disabled People's Organisations  (SENDPO), in partnership with Hampshire County Council.  The conference provided delegates with opportunities to:

  • Network with other commissioners and user led organisations (ULOs) in the South-East
  • Explore a range of different models of delivering peer-led information, advice and advocacy services
  • Explore sustainable ways of information, advice and advocacy services being funded
  • Explore capacity building options to enable user-led organisations to confidently deliver quality services

The conference was co-chaired by Isaac Samuels and Kate Sibthorpe from Think Local Act Personal (TLAP’s) National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG).  It was attended by 60 representatives from User-Led Organisations, Local Authorities and local Healthwatches across the South-East region.