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Let’s Make it Real for people in supported housing

Supported Housing helps large numbers of people stay independent and active and is therefore an important element to personalised care and support.  A new report by Think Local Act Personal and Sitra , part of homeless Link has been published this week to support this ambition.

Making it real for Housing is aimed at Commissioners and service providers. It offers advice and case study examples drawn from housing organisations which show how they are applying personalised approaches to support design and delivery.


Care Quality Commission finds many people are not as involved in their care as they want.

The Better Care in My Hands review published by the Care Quality Commission  (CQC) has found that certain groups of people are less likely to be involved in their care choices than others.

These groups include , adults and young people with long term physical and mental health conditions, people with learning disabilities and people aged  over 75. They are all reported to feel less involved in choosong their care.


Joint review of voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in the health and care sector launched

Community activity can achieve better outcomes at lower cost according to a new report published by representatives from the Voluntary Commmunity and Social Enterprise (VCSE) the Department of Health,NHS England, and Public Health England.

This is the largest ever review of the voluntary sector's involvement in statutory health and social care. It urges local hospitals , Clinical commissioning groups and councils to do more to involve expert charities in the design and delivery of services of all kinds.


Full report on TLAP website

RICA Watch Panel

Rica is a consumer research charity that works with older and disabled people:

Rica is looking to expand its consumer research panel – the RicaWatch panel.

You can read about the RicaWatch panel by visiting

There are 3 ways to join the RicaWatch panel:

Setting Up a Bank of Disabled Freelance Consultants

In SENDPO we know that there are often times when our members want to take up opportunities to do projects but struggle to do this given their existing staff capacity.  There are also other times when projects are short-term, meaning that taking a staff member on permanently would not be viable.
For this reason, SENDPO is setting up a bank of disabled freelance consultants who are willing to take on short-term contracts on a freelance basis, working in either an employed or self-employed capacity.

WheelPower Survey - Take part before 6 May 2016

Wheelchair users – what’s preventing you taking part in sports or physical activities?

Do you use a wheelchair but haven't tried taking part in sports or activities? Perhaps you have taken part but didn't like them? Now’s your chance to have your say and influence the changes that could make sport and physical activity for wheelchair users more tempting.

Briefing on the EU Referendum and Disabled People

The focus of the debate on the EU referendum until now has been mainly on the economy, trade agreements, employment, legal issues and immigration. There has been hardly any key media coverage on Disabled People and their livelihood within or without the EU, except an article by Richard Howitt MEP in the Guardian.

English Federation of Disability Sports

On 5 April Nick Tapp from East Sussex Disability Association (ESDA) and Theresa Hodge, SENDPO's Policy and Development Officer, met with Steve Snelling-Day, the South-East Engagement Officer for EFDS.  Steve has replaced John Whittingham (who previously spoke at a SENDPO meeting).  Steve wanted to look at how EFDS could work with SENDPO.

Discussion at the meeting included:

Disability Rights UK and Work Foundation Peer Support Event

On 3 February 2016 Theresa Hodge, SENDPO's Policy and Development Officer, attended a round

The Next Meeting of the Fulfilling Potential Forum

The next meeting of the Fulfilling Potential Forum is being held on Wednesday, 22 March 2016.  Items on the agenda will be:

Justin Tomlinson, Minister for Disabled People to convene the meeting, providing an update from his role in the last 6 months, his view for the future and his priorities.

New Sport Strategy

Increasing Participation


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