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SENDPO's Revised Terms of Reference

Given that SENDPO's Terms of Reference were drawn up back in 2011 when the network was first established, SENDPO's Board felt that the time had come to re-visit the document to make sure that the network was still doing what it was originally set up for, and to consider issues such as how members could support each other to continue their work as DPOs in their own areas as times become more competitive, and how we can develop more partnership working.

The revised Terms of Reference were adopted at SENDPO's last members meeting on 29 July 2015.  The main changes are:

Taking Forward SENDPO's Disability Manifesto

SENDPO's Disability Manifesto was developed in March 2015 and was used by SENDPO members to highlight the issues affecting disabled people to prospective candidates in the run-up to the General Election.

Disability Action Alliance September Newsletter

The Disability Action Alliance (DAA) is a cross sector network of organisations committed to making a difference to the lives of disabled people.  It does this by:

creating partnerships between Disabled People's Organisations with organisations from the public, private and civil society sectors

identifying issues at a local, regional and national level and working together to design and deliver innovative solutions

identifying, promoting and celebrating good practice  


Experiences of JSA Claimants formerly receiving ESA

Rose Thomas is a Master's student undertaking a research project of the experiences of people receiving Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) as a result of no longer being eligible for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). 

Spectrum Centre for Independent Living's Learn Your Way IT Training Suite

The Your Way training centre offers both basic and more advanced courses that will show you in easy steps how to get to grips with using the most important computer applications like Microsoft Office and web browsers for accessing the internet.

This will give you the knowledge and confidence you need for writing documents using a word processor; send emails, use spreadsheets; browsing the web to access a huge amount of information and services – or just for fun – and to stay safe on-line.

Our IT courses

News from SUCO

Service User and Carer Organisation is one of SENDPO's members based in Buckinghamshire.  They promote service user and carer engagement across the county. 

Centre for Independent Living Kent New Website and E-mail Address

The staff at CiLK have been working hard to update their website thanks to funding from The Office for Disability Issues. Through holding events and talking to their members and supporters they have listened to what people have told them and tailored the new website to meet their needs.

One of the site's big additions is a PA Vacancies page where individual employers can advertise their PA positions. CiLK understands that PA Recruitment is a big issue and hopes that this will be a valuable resource. They will be promoting this far and wide.

Sharing Good Practice Amongst Disabled People's Organisations

Theresa Hodge, SENDPO's Policy and Development Officer, was recently contacted by Milton Keynes Centre for Integrated Living (MCIL) to ask if any members had either a social media or a marketing policy that they'd be willing to share to help MKCIL to create similar policies for their organisation.  An e-mail request sent round to all SENDPO members resulted in sharing of policies with MKCIL and agreement to make them available in the Members Area of SENDPO's website.

Guide for People Having an Access to Work Review

Although there has been no publicly announced change of policy, it is clear that Access to Work have recently been taking a more restrictive view of support people can claim under the scheme.  When people have their reviews they may find that support that was previously funded is now disallowed.  This guide has been written by Gerry Zarb from Spectrum Centre for Independent Living.  It outlines some of the issues that may cause problems and includes suggestions on how to avoid them. It also includes information on how to challenge decisions that reduce or restrict your support.

Support Disabled people to live NOT die! - Urgent Action for Deaf and Disabled People's Organisations and Disabled Rights Campaigners to oppose the legalisation of Assisted Suicide

The Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA) is calling on Deaf and Disabled People's Organisations (DDPOs) and individual Disabled Rights campaigners and supporters to join Not Dead Yet UK in speaking out about the dangers that the legalisation of assisted suicide poses to Disabled people.


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